Aaaaand we’re back! It’s a whole new year, and while the shows are starting off slowly this first week, 2017 is already shaping up to be a great one for local music.

Still catching up on all the great local releases from last year? Here’s a best of 2016 summer playlist to get you started.

Thursday | January 5

Santi Martinez

Santi Martínez Live at Sheldon

Santi Martínez, co-founder of the wildly popular hippie-tastic musical group El Kuelgue, will be playing Sheldon as a solo act Thursday. He’ll be presenting songs on piano from his upcoming album as well as selections from his solo and full-band repertoire. Accompanying him will be Juli Scarinci on keys, Guillermo Dodds playing bass and Emilio Quintana on percussion, plus a number of special musical guests.

9 PM | FREE | Sheldon| Honduras 4969 |Palermo

Friday | January 6

morbo y mambo2

PEZ en Fiestas Clandestina + Morbo y Mambo – Vier 6/1

PEZ,  long-time veterans of the Buenos Aires underground will share the stage with the irresistably dancy dub/afrofunk/rock band Morbo y Mambo this Friday night at Groove. Both of the bands put on a great show — the former with over 20 years playing together under their belts, and the latter famous for their nonstop live energy — so it’s sure to be a night to remember (or not remember, as your case may be).

11 PM | AR $150 | Groove | Av. Santa Fé 4389| Palermo

Ciclo Sin Tierra #5

Words cannot express the outright glee I get watching the petite Mora Riel whip her guitar around the stage in a frenzy while she shreds like a mother. The grungy noise rock duo Riel (think Sonic Youth meets the Black Keys) is back for the first show of 2017, this time with indie rocker Rodrigo Armando,  psychedelic siblings Esquizofrenicos, and shoegaze band Los Playa Grande. Plus, you can fill your tote bag with cassettes courtesy Cincope Records y Sin Tierra Discos

11 PM | AR $50 | Espacio Cultural Mi Casa | Aguero 787| Abasto

Cobach Demarco + Zditowski One Man Band in Almagro

It’s a folk and blues triple header for the ages! Folk musicians Dolores Cobach and Juan Demarco will be teaming up for a duo performance along with bearded blues sensation The Brian Zditowski ONE MAN BAND will be performing this Saturday night at a clandestine P.H. in Almagro. Get there early —the place fills up fast and you’re going to want a good seat to take in the tunes while you feast on Pacman-shaped cheeseburgers.

9:00 PM | AR $50 | El Gorrion Negro | PM event for address | Almagro

Saturday | January 7


Tobogán Andaluz + El Sur | Tres Lunas de Enero (Ciclo) #1

Indie rock band Tobogán Andaluz kicks off their mini concert series “Tres Lunas de Enero”: three Saturday night shows at Espacio Cultural Mi Casa in January, shared with bands from Argentina, Uruguay and Chile respectively. For the first edition, they’ll be sharing the stage with Argentine noisy garage rock band El Sur.

11 PM | AR $70 | Espacio Cultural Mi Casa | Aguero 787 | Abasto