Well hello there my little heat-stroke victims! We are now officially in the heart (and heat) of Buenos Aires summer, and the City is slowly growing more crowded as fans and artists alike return from their holidays elsewhere. This week, we have a healthy sampling of several musical food groups to snack on after hours: pop, folk, indie, prog rock, hardcore, cumbia, punk and more. Stay hungry (and hydrated), and see you at the shows.

ps. Chill out with this Best of 2016 – Buenos Aires playlist – a small sampling of The Setlist’s favorite releases of last year (at least those on Spotify).

Thursday | January 19


Coiffeur (re)presenta Primer Corte + No es

The Argentine prince of pop is back, this time for two VERY limited edition, unplugged shows. Representing his first 2 albums “No Es” and “Primer Corte,” the show is so intimate that attendants aren’t even allowed to applaud for fear of disturbing the neighbors (snapping is OK). Get there early – capacity is limited.

7:30 PM | $150 ARS |El Universal espacio cultural| Soria 4940 | Palermo

The Drunken Goat

With the somewhat alarming tagline “Do you want to rock out with coffee?” (no dude, that sounds dangerous), The Drunken Goat is back. Folk singer and songwriter Agustín Donati will be playing a FREE acoustic set, accompanied by coffee-based cocktails courtesy of a collaboration between LAB baristas/coffee specialists/wizards and bartender Charly Aguinsky.

7 PM | FREE | LAB. Tostadores de Café |Humboldt 1542| Palermo

Tani Cabeza Flotante Koyi 19/1 en NV

Compacta Discos hosts a indie-rock heavy showcase at classic hole in the wall Naranja Verde this Thursday night, featuring Tani (early Cat Power meets Yo La Tengo), Cabeza Flotante (Camera Obscura meets El Mato) and Koyi (Mac DeMarco with a dash of Jeff Tweedy).

11 PM | AR $60| Naranja Verde | Av. Santa Fe 1284 | Centro

Friday | January 20

el sur

El Sur // Hercules Vigila // Diente De Oro // Nevil en Naranja Verde

Turn your amps up to 11 chiquis, because it’s about to get loud in here. Noise Rock band El Sur is joined by Hércules Vigila (hardcore) Diente de Oro (proggy art rock), and Nevil (stoner punk) for genre-spanning guitarfest that’ll probably be the loudest show you’ve been to in awhile.

10 PM | AR $60| Naranja Verde | Av. Santa Fe 1284 | Centro

Saturday | January 21


TE RE Cumbió: Sonora Marta La Reina / El Remolón / Relo

One Saturday night in 2010, I happened upon a magical house show in a turn of the century mansion in Nunez. Somewhere between a truly fantastic mojito and the 14-piece cumbia band tearing it up in the living room, I realized I was in love with Buenos Aires and the musical treasures hidden all over this secret city. You can experience some of that magic for yourself this Saturday night – Sonora Marta la Reina will be playing along with digital cumbia pioneer El Remolón and electrocumbia producer Relo at Beatflow.

9:30 PM | $100 ARS | Beatflow | Av Córdoba 5509 | Palermo Hollywood

Tobogán Andaluz + Trostrigo | Tres Lunas de Enero (Ciclo) #3

The mini concert series “Tres Lunas de Enero” comes to a close, with one last performance by Tobogán Andaluz, this time with Chilean indie rock band TROSTRIGO. I totally missed last week’s show due to illness but I am alive and kicking and will be off antibiotics as of Saturday! Chin-chin indeed.

11 PM | AR $70 | Espacio Cultural Mi Casa | Aguero 787 | Abasto