Happy Valentine’s Day y’all. We at The Setlist could spend a couple of  paragraphs cynically pulling apart the almost universally hated holiday that’s all about love (or some commercialized, superficial idea of it (sorry)), or we could just get to all the great bands that are playing this week.

Plus, we made you a 100 percent local Valentine’s Day playlist comprised entirely of bands in this very Setlist. Push play and read on, my darlings.


Wednesday, Feb 14

Ciclo Romancia

Curated by musician Julian Desbats, Romancia is a romance-themed concert series that  will take place every Wednesday in Almagro during all of February. On its second edition, Julian’s full band will be joined by indie rock wunderkind Rodrigo Armando and synth-pop artist Francisco Villa for a triple header of sweet and tender sets for all the lovers out there.

9PM | AR $100 | Ladran Sancho | Guardia Vieja 3811

Thursday, Feb 15

Daniel Melero & Susi Pireli play La Tangente

Local electronic music legend Daniel Melero will be playing a live show at La Tangente with up and coming genre-hopping, eclectic duo Susi Pireli, comprised of Paula Trama and Inés Copertino (of Amor Elefante fame).

12 AM | AR $220 presale, $300 at door | La Tangente | Honduras 5317

Friday Feb 16

Dark Side of the Party meets Casa del Puente Discos

Dark Side of the Party teams up with Mar del Plata record label Casa del Puente Discos for a special edition of one of the most interesting concert series in the BA indie scene. There will be live shows by shoegaze/dream pop band Altocamet, technopop outfit RR Orquesta, indie noise duo El Sur, and sunny pop act Amor en la isla, plus live DJ sets and record stands from Adelita Cuadernos, Casa del Puente Discos, Sin Tierra Discos, and CGR Discos.

12 PM | $150 | El Emergente Bar | Acuña de Figueroa 1030

Indie Go pres. El Club Audiovisual, Tobogán Andaluz en CC Konex

Lo-fi noise pop band El Club Audiovisual, LAPTRA acolytes Bestia Bebé, twee-rockers Tobogán Andaluz, and post-rock outfit La Otra Cara de La Nada are joining up for one triple header at CC Konex.

7 PM | AR $150 | Ciudad Cultural Konex | Sarmiento 3131

Caen Rayos/Pequenias Cosas Furiosas/Las Mentiras/4 Cometas–LGJ

Surf rock band Caen Rayos, guitar driven alt rock outfit Pequenias Cosas Furiosas, kraut rock/noise act Las Mentiras, and post punk combo 4 Cometas are all coming together to play La Gran Jaime in one extended, live tribute to the fuzz pedal.

11 PM | La Gran Jaime | Aráoz 832

Saturday February 17

Ruchofest XV (edición de verano)

Ruchofest is back for its 25th edition, this time with Mendoza’s lo-fi psych-pop act Las Cosas que Pasan and indie rock band Cabeza Flotante, who will joining forces for the night at the much beloved Club Cultural Matienzo. There will also be DJ sets by Rodrigo Mayorga, Nahuel Ugazio y Leonardo Oyola, plus a wallet-friendly bar.

9 PM | AR $150 |Club Cultural Matienzo | Pringles 1249

Misa del Caos: Sudogma | Hombre de Otro Plano

To counteract all the mushy feelings lingering in the air post-Valentine’s day, concert series Misa Del Caos is here to make things a little grittier. There will be live music shows by grunge rock band Sudogma and experimental stoner act Hombre de Otro Plano.

9 PM | AR $100 | La Comunidad del Sotano | Nicasio Oroño 2480

Ciclo Abismal #10 Las Bermudas NoWa Verde Michifelices

Back again to shine a light on up-and-coming sounds from from the BA indie scene, Ciclo Abismal returns to Espacio Cultural Mi Casa with a very solid selection of bands to satisfy your discerning ears. On its 10th edition, the lineup consists of Casio-licious indie rock band Las Bermudas, no wave/noise act NoWa, dream pop outfit Verde y los Caballos a Marte, and lo-fi experimental duo Michifelices.

12:00 AM | AR $80 | Espacio Cultural Mi Casa | Aguero 787