Another week, another serving of live shows in The City That Sometimes Sleeps and Sometimes Just Kind of Repeatedly Nods out Like a 6 AM Commuter in a Crowded Colectivo. We’ve got another disparate smattering of styles and genres this week, which should serve to distract us from the fact that it’s somehow already April (how is that even possible?!). Sure, our grip on the concept of time may be growing increasingly tenuous, and we may all be barrelling precariously towards oblivion, but we can at least dance away the existential dread with some good music. Here we go!

Wednesday | April 5

Mordando Pasto Rulero at Centro Cultural Recoleta

Trippy indie-rock group Mordando Pasto Rulero starts us off with a free outdoor show at the ever-lovely Centro Cultural Recoleta; perfect for bobbing your head lightly, contemplating weightlessness and achieving higher states of being.

7 PM | Free | Centro Cultural Recoleta | Junin 1930

Mariano Loiácono Swing Octet at Thelonious Jazz Club

If you’re looking for something jazzier, brassier, more woodwind-y: Mariano Loiácono‘s Swing Octet plays a swingin’ set at Thelonious Jazz Club, with special guest Julia Moscardini joining them on vocals. It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing, baby! Okay. I’m sorry. I promise to never try to talk like a jazz cat again.

9:30 PM | AR $180 | Thelonious Jazz Club | Jerónimo Salguero 1884

Victoria Birchner at Café Vinilo

Folk chanteuse Victoria Birchner presents her debut solo album Memorias del Viento, featuring an intergenerational mix of Argentine folk standards. She is joined by established stalwarts of the folk scene, such as Franco Luciani, Juan Falú, Jorge Fandermole, and Angela Irene among others.

9 PM | AR $150 | Café Vinilo | Gorriti 3780

Friday | April 7

Sincapot Presents: So Far Between at Beatflow

Sincapot unveil their second album So Far Between, which can already be streamed on Bandcamp and Spotify and whose swaggering yet somehow unaffected blend of funk and early-aughts indie stylings is already one of the year’s highlights. They are joined by opener The Plot on the Beatflow stage.

8 PM | AR $150 | Beatflow | Cordoba 5509

Los Devas present Invisibles at El Emergente

Sludge-metal group Los Devas are also presenting their own album Invisibles, which combines down-and-dirty riffs with a kinetic rhythmic base and mathematical precision. Not exactly the kind of music you would listen to with your mom (unless you have, like, an exceedingly cool mom), but thrilling nonetheless. They take the stage at El Emergente Bar  along with gloriously noisy openers Hijos Amigos, for a night of ear-splitting bliss.

7:30 PM | AR $150 | El Emergente Bar | Francisco Acuña de Figueroa 1030

Power Up Night at Niceto Club

If you’ve ever found yourself listening to the Pokémon theme from the original Game Boy and thought “y’know, this is pretty great, but I really wish it was being played by a horn section”, then Power Up is just for you. The first videogame-themed big band in Latin America, they are unleashing their 8-bit attack on the Niceto audience, pressing all the right nostalgia buttons as they perform their arrangements of such classic themes as Sonic the Hedgehog, Megaman, Street Fighter, and most excitingly, a Super Mario medley.

9 PM | AR $200 | Niceto Club | Niceto Vega 5510

Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas at Ciudad Cultural Konex

Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas were my first-ever live show. I was 13 years old, and was mostly into it just to hear that song that repeated the word “culo” over and over again. As I grew older I was able to develop a more nuanced understanding of what the seminal funk/hip-hop duo was attempting to do, but I still get a huge kick out of that “culo” song. The band plays at Ciudad Cultural Konex in support of their eighth studio album L.H.O.N., a wonderful and forward-thinking piece of work that is nevertheless sadly lacking in songs about culos.

7 PM | AR $400 | Ciudad Cultural Konex | Sarmiento 3131

Saturday | April 8

Octafonic and Foex at Niceto Club

Octafonic‘s Mini Buda represents a special kind of excellence; the kind of album that continously bowls you over with its sheer generosity, and whose dimensions reveal themselves with multiple listens; ferocious and precise in equal measure. The band kicks off the year with their performance at Niceto, along with Chilean hip-hop/electronic artist Foex.

8 PM | AR $230 | Niceto | Niceto Vega 5510

Club de Baile Villa Diamante presents: Sara Hebe & Ramiro Jota

Speaking of hip-hop, Sara Hebe & Ramiro Jota showcase their brand of socially conscious and sonically diverse hip-hop at Xirgu Espacio, culling together elements of Latin American urban fusion, syncopated funk, and a punk-rock approach towards its lyrical elements.

9 PM | AR $200 | Xirgu Espacio Untref | Chacabuco 875