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The PASO Aftermath: Party At The Voting Booth

By | [email protected] | August 13, 2013 5:35pm


Whew!  Well the primary election is over and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, besides all the valuable insights of our intern, it’s that an Argentine election is kind of like going to the boliche. At first glance things are all a bit wild and crazy, but everybody is having a good time, enjoying the democratic process and getting their vote on, when all of a sudden somebody calls somebody else a boludo and shit really hits the fan.

First, there were some choice words exchanged between Governor Daniel Scioli and the wife of dissident Peronist and congressman elect Sergio Massa.  Scioli started with a “Como estás?”  Which, if I recall my first-grade Spanish class correctly, roughly translates to “How are you?”  Massa’s wife, Malena Galmarini, retorted with, “Con vos, para el orto. ¿Cómo voy a estar, pedazo de forro?”  I learned some of those words during my own post-boliche experiences, but rather than speculate on why “piece of condom” doesn’t make sense here, I would love hear your version in the comments below.  Evidently Señora Galmarini was a little perturbed at Scioli’s implication that her husband would delay the news that his house was robbed to gain a few points on Election Day.

Then there was the other governor, Mauricio Macri, who went to give a young man a handshake only to grip nothing but air.  I do cherish those awkward handshake moments. Not even Vice-president Boudou could escape unscathed when his visit to the voting booth was ruined by another youth who began screaming “ladrón!” and “chorro!”  My homestay mom used to yell that at anyone with a Boca jersey.  What a sweet old lady she was.

After the results came in, the heat died down a little. There were some day-after apologies and some amazing results, including a 70 percent voter turnout! So remember kids, if you’re 16 in Argentina, you can come back to vote in the next election, just make sure you go straight home afterwards.