Yesterday President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner officially opened the extraordinary, large new memorial Museum of the Malvinas Islands, located in the former ESMA building in Nuñez.

The museum includes a large memorial in respect to those who died during the Malvinas War and impressively, although not visible in the video below, a dock connects the museum to a large, open, outdoor space that recreates the geography and landscape of the islands, including its flora and fauna. My verdict: not bad.



If you’re wondering why the museum was built in a location with such a horrifying past (the former ESMA was used as an illegal detention center during the dictatorship, and many innocent people were tortured and killed there), Cristina says it is because history “should be seen as one.” Besides, the facilities were already being used as a museum and memorial for the promotion of human rights.

The museum does sound like an interesting place to visit, especially since it wasn’t that long ago that Argentina and the UK were at war with each other.