After much anticipation, the new $50 bill will finally be released in March.

For those of you who don’t recall (or don’t care), last April President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner unveiled the beautiful design for a new fifty peso bill that would feature the Malvinas Islands instead of a stern-looking Domingo Faustino Sarmiento. Cristina’s announcement came on April 2, on the 32nd anniversary of the beginning of the Malvinas War against the United Kingdom.

And now, eleven months later, it looks like the new bills are finally hitting the banks. So keep this in mind when the kioskero offers you change next month and hands you a piece of paper that looks like this:

Fifty shades of Malvinas.
Fifty shades of Malvinas.

Beautiful, amirite?

In case you’re wondering, featured in the obverse of the bill you can see the Malvinas Islands and the gaviota malvinense, or “Malvinas seagull”, representing “Argentina’s conviction to recover the islands through peace and dialogue”. In a smaller scale, you can also see Latin America and the Caribbean, which is kind of like a “thank you” message to those countries in the region that have supported Argentina’s sovereignty claim. No love for the US though, because Obama has decided to remain neutral in the conflict. And you know that when it comes to this Government there’s no such thing as “being neutral”. You’re either with us or against us.

The reverse of the bill is more controversial though, since that badass gaucho you see there, riding his horse and being awesome, is Antonio Rivero, an Argentine hero who led an uprising against the British on the islands back in 1833. (If you ask the British, their version of the story differs slightly though. Mainly they say he was a murderer, but let’s just blame it on cultural relativism and move on).

Behind Rivero you can also see the Darwin Military Cemetery, holding the remains of Argentine soldiers who died on the islands, and the ARA General Belgrano cruiser, sunk by the British during the armed conflict of 1982.

But, alas! You know who doesn’t like the new bills? Our favorite professional troll/Twitter account @falklands_utd, which kind of unofficially “represents” the sentiment of the islanders.

Shut up, you guys. I had a color printer back in 1995 and it worked great.

Also our bill is prettier than that green one you posted so your logic is invalid. It’s all good, though. We love trolling in general.