Unlike your United Airlines flight, you won’t have to worry about Tegui overbooking your dinner reservation.

Tegui is a modern Argentine restaurant situated in Palermo Viejo since 2009, and Germán Martitiegui’s sought after minimalistic menu continues to be a big hit with critics and patrons alike. The restaurant, enclosed by graffiti and a beaten-down security door, is quite easy to glance past — Martitiegui had an idea to open something under the radar.


It is ranked No. 49 out of 50 in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Yes, you read that right, not just Argentina, but the world. Tegui is the first Argentine restaurant to place since Francis Mallmann’s 1884 in 2002. Tegui also sports a lofty No. 9 with regard to the best restaurants in Latin American.

If that hasn’t gotten you to start planning your reservation, maybe the ostra a la parrilla, a flame-grilled oyster teamed with sea foam dish, or the grilled sweetbreads, or the hare loin will entice you further. The eight-step tasting menu highlights techniques and products from all parts of Argentina.


The restaurant’s menu and ranking aren’t the only reason it is making headlines lately. Tegui is implementing something entirely different to the Argentine restaurant scene. Starting July 1st, reservations can only be made online, directly through its website.

The controversy? Patrons must put down a 30 percent advance payment to secure the table.

The restaurant is utilizing this deposit payment plan to help encourage people to keep their reservations, as a way of curbing a number of tables that go empty but could otherwise be filled.

In its announcement, Tegui explains that while this system has not been introduced in Argentina, it is practiced in many parts of the world. The same way that movie or theater chairs are reserved, booking a table for Tegui with a deposit will ensure that a group of professionals are prepared and are waiting to provide an experience.