Photo via El Doce

The last three days of former Buenos Aires Province governor Daniel Scioli’s life seem to have been taken out of a politically themed Latin American telenovela: his 28 year old girlfriend, dancer and model Gisela Berger accused him of cheating on her with model Sofía Clérici and published the alleged chats to prove it.

Scioli, predictably, denied everything. Clérici backed the former presidential candidate assuring the public and press that they are just friends and that she sends him provocative photos and videos for fun. You know, just like normal friends do. The excuse or justification sounds about as credible as a gunshot victim claiming they fell on a bullet.

That’s just the build up, as yesterday Scioli revealed in a live interview that Berger was pregnant, only to have her furiously come out to say he had forbidden her from speaking about it — even with her family — and suggested in a not so subtle manner that she should get an abortion. At this pace, it wouldn’t be all that surprising if we find out tomorrow that Clérici  is Berger’s long lost sister.

Predictably, the internet, in its collective greatness, is having a field day with this. But if you didn’t have spare time to scroll down Twitter, fret not. We’ve got you covered. Here are the best and most outrageous memes of Scioli’s telenovela (fair warning, some of these tweets left aside all political correctness and make reference to the difficulties Scioli could experience to perform sexual acts with a missing arm — which he lost in the 1990s in a speedboat accident).

“Scioli’s happiness when finding out he’s going to be a father.”

“He graduated at 58 and will have a child at age 60. I don’t know if Scioli arrived late to life or if he’s a rolling stone.”

“Scioli says ‘you try to put on a condom with only one hand”

“How are you going to send ‘hot’ pictures to Scioli, who can’t grab his cellphone and jerk off at the same time?”

“I have such shit friends.”