The suspect arrested yesterday in Chile. Photo via TN.

Interpol has reported the arrest of the main suspect in the murder of Brian Aguinaco, the 14-year old killed last Christmas eve in Flores. The young man, aged 15, was transferred to Buenos Aires this morning, where he was immediately placed into to a juvenile detention, according to news channel TN.

The teenager, also named Brian, was caught in his father’s house in Santiago, where he had relocated after moving from Peru. According to Clarín, Brian fled the country on Monday with the help of his mother. Following some sources, a social post placed by his mother actually helped law enforcement in both Chile and Argentina capture the fugitive.

Investigators captured the second suspect earlier this morning near the informal housing settlement Villa 1-11-14. This suspect is thought to have committed more than two other crimes last Saturday, following the incident that killed Brian Aguinaco.