Buenos Aires will soon be part of the transnational Shnit Film Festival (October 7th though the 18th) and is getting in on the fun by showcasing an unconventional collection of short films at the same time as cities in countries like Angola, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Russia, USA and Colombia do the same.

The Shnit Film Festival started in June, 2003 in Bern, Switzerland as a two-evening event and went transnational in 2009 when Germany decided to hold an event too. From there the festival grew and several cities have gotten in on the action too, with Buenos Aires joining the festival in 2014.

This Wednesday 7 the worldwide inauguration of the Film Festival will kick off from the Centro Cultural Konex, Sarmiento 3131, with the presentation of Los Mutantes del Paraná and an special opening screening. Plus, you know… beer, food and people –not sure how this last variable will play out but yay beer!

Every city-host is called a “Playground which is a friendly and ludic term that fits well with the overall experience. Buenos Aires’ playground has all of its official screenings at the BAMA – Buenos Aires Modern Art Museum (Avenida Presidente Roque Sáenz Peña 1150) minus a special screening at Casa de la cultura popular Villa 21 (Av. Gral. Iriarte 3500) presenting films by youngsters from Villa 21.

Shnit has a wide range of sections this year– and I mean a lot. So SEO be damned, you should get in there and do some research for yourself. In the competition component of the festival, most of the films are from Switzerland but two (Gen A from Thailand which was presented in Cannes this year and Las Luces, an Argentinian short film by Manuel Abramovich and Juan Renau) stand out as worthy international contenders.

Notable Highlights

At Buenos Aires, only the sections shnit open will be presented as the Official Competition and other sections will be part in other venues around the globe.

Some sections are bundled screenings of films from one particular country like Costa Rica, Russia or Argentina (among others). These sections always serve as a great chance to see a part of a country’s artistic identity and usually brings to mind the contemporary connections our two camps share. It’s like an edgier, more cinematic Kumbaya. Get into it.


For all the hispters lovers and haters out there, I recommend the Argentinian film directed by Delfina Juareguialz, called Hispteria! “A comedic fake documentary about a movie fanatic who believes is living in a 1960’s French film, and his struggles to seduce the ultimate Nouvelle Vague girl”. –Shnit Film Festival.

Something curious about how Shnit Film Festival works is that its sections is that they are not finite or exclusive, so you will sometimes find the same films under different categories. A good example of this is the 8 minute long Italian short, Office Kingdom which appears in under the category showings of 2015, A Real Treat, Feel Good, In Competition, and Shnit Open International. The film is great by the way, and is set in a quiet office where a customer is waiting for government approval of his business while struggling against bureaucracy. You know… nothing relatable for us here in Buenos Aires.

You can check the whole program here and book your tickets in advance.

More information to come, so find your way back here for updates on the Shnit Film Festival in Buenos Aires and the closing ceremony party at Madison Avenue. No big deal.