Move over, Pulpo Paul – predicting World Cup winners through totally arbitrary animal behavior is so over. The latest World Cup prophecy is based on numbers, AKA cold, hard facts.

You see, internet trolls with too much time on their hands brilliant mathematicians have discovered that if you add up the years that Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Brazil again (?) won the World Cup, they all come out to 3964.

Check it out:

world cup mathSo naturally, 3964 is a magic number, and it is absolutely mathematically certain that Uruguay must win! 1950 + 2014 does come out to 3964.

I’m not buying it, though, because I don’t really like the idea of Uruguay winning. Uruguay has won everything lately. They already have the Most Adorable President Award, the Legalizing Marijuana Award. Do they need to take the World Cup as well? I much prefer the clairvoyant animals to this “number” B.S. There’s an elephant in Germany predicting a great tournament for Team USA, so I’m sticking with him. Elephants are smart, you know. They can paint.

We’ve got one more day to make crazy predictions before World Cup Madness officially ensues. May the best team win.