After almost ten days of an intense manhunt covering a large portion of the Buenos Aires province, the three fugitives that escaped the General Alvear maximum security prison remain at large and it doesn’t seem like governor María Eugenia Vidal is getting closer to finding them.

And since the three of them (and their ridiculous scape) are slowly becoming our national obsession, it was only expected that Shitty Games, the video game company responsible for great past 8-bit hits such as this one or this one, would release a new game aptly titled Super Lanatta Bros.

Basically it’s a Super Mario Bros. ripoff, but we forgive them because they are hilarious and they pay attention to fun details.

Like this intro featuring governor Vidal telling them “it’s their time” to escape.

Or this mushroom/Buenos Aires province cop saying “God bless you!” as they escape the prison (the provincial government insists that they had inside help from the prison system to escape.)

So if you have a few minutes to spare, go play Super Lanatta Bros.

I made it to level 3 (Ranchos) but maybe you can make it further and eventually reach their much coveted freedom.