This morning Enrique, the grandfather of Brian Aguinaco, the 14-year old boy who was shot in the head by thieves on Christmas eve, met with Buenos Aires Security Minister, Marín Ocampo, following the death of his grandson. The horrific crime sent shockwaves through the city, resulting in a protest breaking out in the neighborhood of Flores where protesters forced their way into the police station there.

After the encounter, the grieving grandfather made a statement that he was content with the results and promises made by the minister, who has already removed the commissioner from that particular police station, Alejandro Attili. Enrique also told reporters there will be an additional meeting next week to analyze the new plan that will be applied today in both Flores and the villa 1-11-14. When asked about the protest that were going to take place this afternoon, he denied the family’s involvement in organizing the gathering.

Protesters in front of the Flores police station. Photo by Agustín Marcurian (Infobae).
Protesters in front of the Flores police station. Photo by Agustín Marcurian (Infobae).


A group of neighbors along with Brian’s relatives marched and gathered in front of police station no. 38, yesterday afternoon. What started off as a peaceful request for justice, soon turned violent when a group of protesters forced their way into the station, resulting in some property damage. Tragically, while the protest was taking place, Brian was declared dead.

The teenager had been hospitalized in the Gutiérrez Hospital for three days after incident that took place on Saturday, when two thieves on a motorcycle shot at the car being driven by his grandfather. Unfortunately, the bullet hit the young man in the head while he was in the passenger seat.

The context of the event is still up to debate. Some reports indicate that the thieves shot because Brian’s grandfather had deliberately intercepted them, cutting them off with his car. But neighbors and family members told media outlets the so called motochorros shot because they thought, mistakenly, they were being followed. Some witnesses said the criminals waited for them on a corner before shooting twice and running away towards the villa 1-11-14, which several sources qualify as being one of the most dangerous informal housing settlements in Buenos Aires.