Photo via Clarín

We were kept on our toes, but the government finally set the dates of the bridge holidays for 2018 and 2019. After a year of absence, Congress had determined to bring back these holidays aimed at promoting tourism in October, when it sanctioned law 27,399. But for the decision to become official, it needed for the Executive branch to choose these three days more than 50 days before the end of the year. And that only happened today, 51 days away from December 31.

So you can breathe that big sigh of relief, that – or those, if you are cheto enough – four-day-long weekend (s) in Las Toninas that you had already started planning is safe.

Which are the chosen dates? In 2018, the “non-workable days with touristic purposes” will be April 30 and December 24 and 31. All days come before an actual holiday – Workers’ Day on May 1 and, as you probably know, Christmas and New Year’s – meaning that these three long weekends have just become extra long.

As for 2019, the dates chosen July 8, August 19 and October 14. All take place on a Monday and precede Independence day, the step into immortality of General José De San Martín and the Day of Respect to Cultural Diversity – former Race Day – respectively.

Las Toninas 2018 y 2019, anyone?