It’s Friday again!

And phew! What a week, everyone. The unthinkable has happened and when we all thought that Daniel Scioli was going to be elected the next president of Argentina by a landslide, turns out that the Cambiemos party led an unprecedented upheaval that managed to change the political map by not only defeating the Peronist candidate in the Buenos Aires province, but also by sending both presidential candidates to a runoff.

Exciting times ahead!

This is what you need to know:

  • And guess what, we get another presidential debate! Even though Scioli wasn’t really a fan of debating in the past, now he’s totally changed his mind and wants to debate Macri because he’s desperate it’s a powerful tool for persuasion.
  • The central, urban provinces of Argentina voted in favor of Cambiemos, while the northern and southern provinces went to the Kirchnerite FpV party. Argentina now officially looks like a Boca Juniors flag. And for the first time, five provinces will be led by female governors. Because progress.
  • Yes, that was a football joke.
  • After much anticipation, Sergio Massa (who came third in the elections with over 20 percent of the vote) offered a press conference to say who he was supported in the November runoff. The answer: “Whoever manages to support my ideas.” Although he did say he doesn’t want Scioli to win. So… wah-wah, part 2.
  • It’s Halloween this weekend! And while you complain about cultural imperialism and other stuff, here’s an interesting guide to what you can do tomorrow night.

Happy weekend, kids!