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The First Spring Day In Recent Years With Good Weather? Get Ready To Party

by . September 20, 2016

September 21st is not just any old day in the calendar. Here in Argentina, Spring Day (Día de la Primavera) is a sacred 24 hours for high school and (many) university students. They get to take a day off from school with just one purpose: hang out in parks and, yes, often drink to excess.

Coming after what felt like a Game Of Thrones-worthy winter, the arrival of spring will probably have you dancing through Palermo like this:

gif via gifslair.files

gif via gifslair.files

Yet you best watch out for those rowdy kids because this looks like it’s will be the first in several years that the weather is actually supposed to be good on Spring Day. Last year, it was windy and cold, with the people of Palermo gathering to Picnic under a slate-gray sky while Día de La Primavera 2014 only saw some rays of sun later in the day. In 2013, rain ruined the fun yet again.

It seems (fingers crossed) the Spring Day curse will be broken this year. At least according to the forecast, the day will be gorgeous and worthy of its name. That in itself carries risks though because let’s say that Argentines, particularly in the capital, have a tradition of getting, um, rowdy on Spring Day. The epicenter of the celebrations and the rowdiness, of course is the Bosques de Palermo (Palermo Woods), where people gather to eat a picnic and drink lots and lots (and lots!) of fernet.

In 2012, for example, 13 people were arrested and 15 injured while in 2011, 27 people were arrested.

So when the sun blesses the city with its golden glow and you head out for the Bosques with your picnic blanket and mate under each arm, don’t be surprised if all that extra sunshine adds to the mix of craziness that comes with the beginning of the season.

For those willing to brave the madness, hanging out in the Bosques is far from your only option. Here’s a few ideas for where to let your hair down:
Parque Yrigoyen (25 de Mayo and Gral. Paz)
Los Autenticos Decadentes will be playing for free music starting at 6 PM. Best get there early if you want a good spot.
La Primavera Que No Conocemos (The Spring We Don’t Know)
This two week-long art festival kicks off on September 21 to welcome Spring, with both visual art exhibitions and music events being held every night.
El Emergente Bar
The cultural center will hold a live music event starting at 8 PM. If you get there before 8 PM admission is free.
Festival Ciudad Emergente
This festival run by the City of Buenos Aires government runs through September 25th at La Usina Del Arte in La Boca. On Spring Day, bands will start playing at 2 PM and continue through at least 10 PM, proving you don’t need to be in Palermo to have a bit of fun in the sun.

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