The First Performance Biennial, also known as BP 15, begins this week. And it’s an event that for two months will be absorbing the attention of the local art community to one of the youngest and the most expressive form of art, performance.

The organizers spared no expense and decided to open the Biennial with a face to face meeting with Marina Abramovic, considered the mother of performance art. Since the early 70s, she has been experimenting with radical forms of expression using her body as an instrument and letting audiences become a part of her intense self-research.

Although all seats were filled and there was no more room to see it, fans and followers were able to watch the live broadcast online from Centro de Arte Experimental UNSAM where the meeting took place. She will also take part in another event today, where she’s expected to perform the Abramovic Method (10 AM – 6 PM).

Marina Abramovic
Marina Abramovic

Another world-famous performance star, a spoken-word artist Laurie Anderson from the US will present her multimedia work The Language of the Future, an intellectual exploration or the borders between sound and lyrics.

Whereas the Chinese mystifier Liu Bolin whose personal exhibition now runs at the MACBA will make a workshop how to become invisible. His photo-performance will take place outside the space Target on June 7.

Among the international art-celebrities who were announced in the festival program there is scandalous Cuban artist Tania Bruguera. Her open letters to Pope Francis, Barack Obama and Raul Castro caused a massive political and public outcry and proved to have a high personal cost: She may not be able to participate in the Biennial, since she’s currently stuck in Cuba without her passport because the Cuban government accused her of disorderly conduct.

Laurie Anderson.
Laurie Anderson.

Uruguayan artist Martín Sastre in his performance Eva: Volveré y seré performers will let visitors experience their thirty seconds of fame by stepping into the balcony of the Casa Rosada. The performance commemorates the last speech of Eva Peron on May 1st, 1952. Through his work, the artist says he is reconsidering the role of the most iconic woman in Argentine history.

The Biennial will gather more than 20 Argentine performance artists who work in such different genres such as dance (Diana Szeinblum), music (Martín Bauer), theater (Fernando Rubio), poetry (Emilio García Wehbi / Gabo Ferro) and other forms of artistic expression. There will also be presentations from a wide variety of performers coming from the local art-scene, from young Argentine artists to influential figures such as Marta Minujín.

Performances and artist-talks will be held in different venues around Buenos Aires.

For more information, check out the official website.