Ricardo Roa (left). Maybe he'd just told a joke about a banana here. Photo via Clarín

Clarín’s editor Ricardo Roa has been one of many to weigh in on the latest scandal from Argentina’s former Vice President Daniel Scioli.

However, Roa’s account of Scioli’s trip to Punta Cana with a young model has revealed more than just some wayward behavior from the politician: it’s exposed the casualness of the everyday sexism that is so ingrained in Argentine culture.

In Clarín’s daily “from the editor to the reader” column today, Roa jumps straight in to describing the 28 year-old model and former Show Match dancer, Gisela Berger, who accompanied Scioli to the wedding he was attending in the Dominican Republic. The way he goes about describing the young woman, however, becomes quite telling – and alarming.

Scioli and Berger in Punta Cana. Photo via TN

He starts by belittling her dancing career, remarking that she “once danced with ‘La Mole’ (ex Argentine boxer) on Show Match. It’s her greatest artistic achievement to date, if you can even call that artistic.” And then it gets worse.

Roa goes on to write: “Now she shows her body on Youtube and has an account on Twitter that she’s called BodysecretsTV where among other things she asks: ‘Did you know that cucumber is ideal for detoxifying the body?’ Open to interpretation, depending on the consumer’s taste levels.”

That’s right – Ricardo Roa, editor at one of Argentina’s biggest publications, apparently expected us all to laugh along with his sexist and childish jibe about a young woman liking cucumbers.

Ha ha.. Not funny.
Ha ha.. Not funny.

Another telling moment: Roa also noted that Berger is from Pozo del Molle in Córdoba, a locality with “barely five thousand residents”. This Monday, another young woman from that very same town was murdered in a brutal femicide. If you’re going to go to the trouble of naming a tiny Córdoba town, why not focus on some news that’s actually significant?

Just an idea, those in the media could use their platform to elevate the conversation and start talking about finding solutions to the issues tearing families and communities apart. Or you know, you could just take a couple of low jabs at a young woman in order to prove just how witty your writing can be. Because dick jokes are clear indications of witt, right?