A list of the cars that were stolen the most frequently last year has been released and pick-up trucks topped the ranking, being three to four times more likely be robbed than other vehicles. The study was conducted by the company Ituran, the leading company in Argentina for locating and recovering stolen vehicles. It monitored 250,000 vehicles in the metropolitan Buenos Aires area last year recording the amounts and car types stolen.

Topping the list of pick-ups was Volkswagen’s Amarok, followed by Toyota Hilux, the Ford Ranger and the Chevrolet S10. For cars, the Volkswagen Sirocco, the Citroën DS3 and the Renault Koleos were five times more likely on average to be stolen, while the Fiat Punto, the VW Vento, the Citroën C3, the VW Bora, the VW Fox and the Fiat 500 had a burglary rate of twice the average.


According to the report “most high-tech cars were stolen in an armed robbery and those that do not have advanced anti-theft protection were stolen at public highways” They added that  “armed robberies occurred mainly when a person was getting in or out of their car and lesser so when at traffic lights or crossroads”.

Cars that are left on the street for long durations of time are also targets. The Peugeot 504 and Fiat Duna, cars without a lot of anti-theft technology and with difficult spare parts to get your hands on are eight to ten times more likely to be stolen. 

The Honda Fit , Nissan Tiida and  Toyota Etios were models that were the least likely to be stolen due to being relatively less common in the market. 

“Don’t try to attack the thief, as that they will most likely not be acting alone. It is best to give them the keys and get away from the scene”  advised the director general of Ituran, Gabriel Mysler. Some 40 percent of car robberies involve two thieves, in 20 percent three people take part and in fewer than 10 percent only one thief takes part.