Well, she’s done it. People thought she wouldn’t dare but boy, did she dare.

In the last seven days, President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has used the Cadena Nacional three times to campaign in favor of Daniel Scioli or her sister-in-law, Alicia Kirchner.

Fun fact: Cristina’s late husband Néstor used it only two times during his administration. Two. The President has done in a week more than her husband did in four years.

Even popular meme-generator Eameo is having fun with this insanity.


This time, speaking from Río Gallegos, she used the Cadena to announce that a hospital was getting a new swimming pool (not a joke). Then she obviously told everyone to vote for her sister-in-law, who is running for governor of Santa Cruz. I mean, she’s ignored the rules so many times in the past that why not one more time?

The good news: It was the last one, at least until after the elections. Hooray for small miracles!