Excuse for today’s Cadena Nacional: Something about pets and a new geological research center.

Real reason for today’s Cadena Nacional: I honestly have no idea.

Jesus. If you’re ever suffering from insomnia, make sure you bookmark this article.

Today President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner spoke for like the millionth time on Cadena Nacional this year, although it shouldn’t come as a surprise since the amount of days she has left in office is inversely proportional to the amount of Cadenas she’s planning on giving before December 10th. And she wasn’t particularly feisty, or happy or angry. She was just… blah.

Speaking from Río Gallegos, Cristina (AKA “the human honey badger“) announced the opening of a new geological research center in La Plata and the launch of a new pet registration system that requires dogs and cats to wear tags or implants or whatever.

Honestly I just… I can’t be bothered anymore.