Excuse for today’s Cadena Nacional: The launch of the ARSAT-2 satellite.

Real reason for today’s Cadena National: The launch of the ARSAT-2 satellite.

Wait. What?

Yes. While some may find it hard to believe, President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner behaved like a normal person this evening and instead of yelling and using taxpayer’s money to go after her political opponents, she chose to sit behind her desk and let everyone know about the importance of yesterday’s event.

Heralded as definite proof that “the country has taken off,” Argentina successfully launched its second satellite in the ARSAT space program from French Guiana on Wednesday. And Cristina’s message was not only to show her excitement during the launch, but also to celebrate such an important accomplishment.

She also announced that she would be sending a bill to Congress looking to promote the development of Argentina’s satellite industry and declare it a public interest, something that she considers “a priority and state policy.” The bill, if passed, would prohibit the privatization of the ARSAT satellite program.

The ARSAT-2, which entered geostationary orbit soon after being launched from the Kourou base in French Guiana, was built by the INVAP and will provide “direct-to-home television, Internet access services for reception on VSAT antennas, along with data transmission and IP telephony.”

Oh and guess what! For the first time ever, the Cadena Nacional includes a segment with English subtitles! Too bad the sign language interpreter is covering them but it’s the thought that counts.

Her message was not devoid of a little feistiness because let’s face it, Cristina is Cristina, and this wouldn’t be a real Cadena Nacional if she didn’t remind us all of her administration’s awesomeness and shoot a couple of semi-innocuous poisonous darts at the ghosts of colonialism past. So before closing, she reminded us that “those abroad are always trying to kick you when you’re down.”

“We’re living a better time. The future has arrived. No one will be able to rob an Argentine of their future.”

But all in all, a pretty happy message from her, which is always welcome.