Cristina has good days and bad days. Today was definitely a bad day.

In her 15th Cadena Nacional message since December 10th, President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner went out of her way to really, really, reaaaaaaally make us understand that La Nación is a malignant monstrosity and quite possibly the root of all evils (except for Clarín, which is obviously evil-er) in the world.

Today’s message was about class warfare and virulent rhetoric additional benefits for pensioners and how much she wishes the Argentine people “don’t need her in 2019” (because, you know, she could run again).

But like I said, it was mostly about how much La Nación sucks.

So yeah, if you’re a pensioner in Argentina chances are that you are the proud owner of an Argenta discount card and that you’re totally not reading The Bubble.  If by some crazy coincidence you are, then you should know you can now get up to 30,000 pesos in loans with your card. You can also use it to get a 35 percent discount when purchasing train tickets for medium and long distance travel.

With that already covered (otherwise the President says we only focus on the “negative” part), here are some highlights of today’s message:

  • No love for La Nación today. In fact, a lot of hate. At some point during her speech, Cristina asked one of her minions to bring her a giant printout of an editorial from January that questioned the government’s constant use (and growing debt) of Anses money. She didn’t like this editorial. She didn’t like it at all. It all went downhill from there. “You can’t write in an editorial that having a pension is a luxury, don’t be stupid. If we go back to that country in which no one had a pension (meaning the 90’s)…that ends up affecting us all, sooner or later”.
  • “What indeed is a luxury is relying on judges that will let you avoid taxes for over ten years. A corporation as big as La Nación has judges that rule on the company’s side, letting millionaires avoid taxes. It’s legal looting, which is even worse. It enrages me because, honey, if you don’t pay taxes and you have friends who don’t pay taxes, then shut up. Don’t talk about looting if you are the biggest looter. Besides, (La Nación) also protected the decades-long looting of Argentina. Just pay your taxes, people. The population will thank you”. With this long tax-related diatribe, Cristina was referring to a long-standing conflict between her administration and the newspaper over a huge tax debt that the government says La Nación refuses to pay. The newspaper has repeatedly said (at least in this editorial) that the money that they allegedly owe is still being disputed in court and is part of a legal battle initiated by many media companies against the National Government.
  • When talking to a government official from Jujuy via video conference, and in a totally non-scripted move, the man suggested “she should run again in 2019”. She quickly replied: “I hope by the time 2019 arrives, I’m busy doing something I like. I hope I don’t have to run again. Know why? Because it will mean that whoever came after me kept making more and better things, therefore you won’t need me or anyone else”. Well…I mean…We will still need to have a President. Right? Right.
  • Also, in case you’re wondering: Yes. She can run for office again in 2019. The Constitution allows it.
  • Let’s not be stupid. Let’s not listen to the siren calls, because once you listen to them, you end up listening to the sirens of repression. Let’s look after our achievements and go for more. Let’s be smart”.
  • “With solidarity comes more equality”.
  • “When people see that the government doesn’t care about the have nots, when the have nots see that the haves don’t give a damn about them, many times they resort to things other do not understand and see as violence or crime”. 
  • “I’m do not condone violence because they are poor. I was poor once and I never justified anything”.
  • “In the last 12 years, there have been many attempts to topple this government”.

She also tweeted a bunch of stuff but unfortunately Cristina blocked me on Twitter a few months ago. So instead of embedding I’ll just send you to her Twitter page.

Sad face.