The Cadena Nacional, feat. Kicillof.

Yes. The most exciting part of yesterday’s Cadena Nacional was that Economy Minister Axel Kicillof was allowed to steal the microphone (and our hearts) for a few minutes to talk about the National Government’s new program which refunds export taxes to small farmers.

The rest was pretty meh.

So in short, this new $2.5 billion government plan grants subsidies to those small farmers producing less than 700 tones per year. And the larger the production size, the smaller the subsidy. “Those producing 100 tons (per year) will get a $45,000” refund, professional heartthrob Kicillof indicated.

This so-called “segmentation policy” is an effort by Cristina to make friends with farmers who, as you may remember, haven’t really gotten along since the 2008 farmers’ conflict.