Well, it was that time of the week again. Although the buitres were not featured on this week’s Cadena Nacional, there were still some gems. (Can anyone please tell me why Cristina keeps confusing Julián Domínguez’s last name?). But all in all it was an interesting message, since the President enacted the new Civic and Commercial Code, which was finally approved in Congress last week.



Calling it “a child of Argentine democracy,” Cristina celebrating the passing of the new Code, which “formalizes reforms to family law” and changes the status of the family, “allowing same sex marriage, setting new convivial procedures and changing the adoption regime.” The Code being used until now was from 1871, so I guess an update was way overdue.

Oh, and by the way, she announced that she would send a new bill to Congress to reform the current Penal Code, which in theory would make the justice system work a lot faster.

So not that bad, eh.