It was a National Holiday today, and just like every May 25th, the President in office addressed the population to send a message of peace an unity to commemorate the 204th anniversary of the May Revolution.

Much to your chagrin, we didn’t get to enjoy a rapper or a pole dancer on stage, but we were all treated to a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem.

When it comes to the rest, all the usual cliches were there: a message of unity in a highly politicized Plaza de Mayo, Cristina’s broken voice for emotional effect and the crowd chanting “the people united will never be defeated” thirty seconds after chanting that if the anti-Peronists dared to go against Cristina all hell would break loose. Today the Cadena also featured an over-enthusiastic present, fireworks and a closing song by Soda Stereo.

Oh yeah, and 17 minutes into her speech she compares the Kirchnerite movement to Jesus.

So all in all, nothing new.

Here’s the video and some highlights from her speech below:



Her message today was mostly conciliatory, although knowing Cristina, she couldn’t help to take a jab or two at some of the usual characters who lurk in the shadows, conspiring maliciously to bring down this country to the Menemesque scent of the 90’s.

  • “On May 25, 2003 (when Néstor Kirchner was inaugurated) we came to change a path that they tried to impose on us. Just like in May 25, 1810.”


  • “I call on all Argentines to join in national unity. But I’m not interested in a national unity that will take us to the past. I’m not interested in a national unity that tells me that I have to say ‘yes’ to other cultures that have nothing to do with our history.”


  • “Sometimes it pains me as an Argentine and as a woman when we are criticized because we give to the poor, or the negros or the son of some immigrant… Whoever says that loves God but hates their neighbor is a liar.”


  • “I know that because of the way I am, maybe my words are harsh. If anyone is offended by my style and the way I talk, I apologize.”


  • “I believe we’re facing a historic opportunity. It’s true that some want to boycott us, that some are trying to divide and create confrontation. Don’t count on me. I will keep working as I always have, with the strength of my convictions.”


And then there was the awkward dancing that we’ve come to love so much:



(Featured photo via TN)