For all of you political junkies out there, here is the latest message by President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner on Cadena Nacional. And since this is her third national broadcast in the sixth year of her administration (and the third in 2014,) we’ve decided to just go ahead and label each message with “S06EXX.” It’s easier to identify them that way. You know, just like those episodes you download illegally from some torrent website.

Oh, please, I SO know you do it.

Anyway, the President spoke yesterday minutes after 7 PM and announced that the Inter-American Development Bank and the World Bank had granted Argentina a series of loans that would be used for public works in Santiago del Estero and Chaco.

But that’s just the boring part! She later criticized the media, the Judiciary, the financial markets and the supermarkets. Because a Cadena Nacional without a little spice is not a Cadena Nacional at all. Enjoy..



Afterwards, just like she does whenever she’s done with the Cadena, she went to the Casa Rosada gallery for an encore before the Kirchnerite youth. And the good news: there was a double encore yesterday!

Encore 1 and 2:


In a nutshell:

  • She accused supermarkets Coto and Carrefour of not honoring the price agreement signed with the Government to keep the prices of certain products low.


  • She urged the Judicial Branch to “side with consumers” and not with corporate interests.


  • She said the financial markets “tried to blow up her administration,” adding that had they succeeded “it’s the country that would have exploded.”


  • She accused certain media outlets of siding with the financial markets in order to create a sensation of chaos.


(Featured photo via Telam)