Photo via Infobae

It’s been a full year since the last time that President Mauricio Macri addressed the nation on Cadena Nacional. I know, right? It’s boggles the mind to think that on the last year of the Fernández de Kirchner administration we had to endure 46 of them.

In contrast, Macri has only used it five times since taking office on December 10, 2015. Three of them happened on inauguration day and the other was exactly one year ago, when he offered his State of the Nation speech before Congress.

Today, he used the CN for the fifth time as he addressed the Legislative Assembly and officially opened the 135th year of legislative sessions. It’s pretty much like they do in the US with the State of the Union, except with less Donald Trump.

This morning, Macri spoke for almost an hour in a somewhat austere message and covered a wide range of issues, from the economy to education while many cheered and others booed. So let’s watch it first and discuss later, shall we?

What a difference, no?

Gone are the fliers falling from the sky, the euphoric crowds, the drums and the chanting hordes. After years of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s “let the people in” approach, Macri’s speech almost feels staged, rehearsed, sterile.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It just feels… odd.

But fret not, because while Macri once again spoke of togetherness and how awesome it is to live in a sing-along society, he still threw a few punches and casually reminded the population of the maladies of the Kirchnerite era.

So for old times’ sake, here are a few highlights from President Macri’s State of the Nation speech today. See you all next year (hopefully)!