Yes, seriously. It doesn’t matter that she used the Cadena Nacional on Friday. She used it again yesterday. Although this time, the overall message of her address was more welcome than other times, at least in my opinion, since she used it to condemn the latest (insane) trend that’s making the rounds around the county: public lynching.


That’s right, you may have not heard about it, you may have not read about it, but recently around the country citizens are taking the law into their own hands and whenever they catch a criminal in the act, they resort to public lynching. The debate is now highly politicized, since those who seem to support these extreme reactions blame the Government and its “failure to protect them.” The President didn’t directly address the situation but urged the population “to tone down the violence.” Here are some of her statements:

  • “The best antidote against violence is social inclusion.”
  • “Whenever someone feels that their life isn’t worth a damn, you can’t expect them to give a damn about anybody else’s life.”
  • “We need voices and opinions that call for peace instead of vengeance or confrontation or hate.”
  • “I was reminded of the Kristallnacht. We don’t a Kristallnacht in Argentina. Violence generates more violence.”


And it’s true. And while I agree with the President and strongly disagree with this insane methodology, I’d like to remind the Kirchnerite side – now condemning the attacks – that they have contributed to violence by making use of a virulent rhetoric against anyone who disagrees with them.

Neither side can cast the first stone here.

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