As the holidays draw closer, and we all deal with the chaos that comes with them, “giving back” can sometimes take a backseat to “getting through”. That’s where a handful of rockstar NGOs and charity organizations come in.

Here are some groups that are making the season brighter and better for those who need backup the most.

SACS (Send A Child To School)

Photo via SACS Facebook page
Photo via SACS Facebook page

SACS is an organization that offers perhaps the most priceless gift for children. Its entire aim centers around children’s education, and gives backpacks and school supplies to kids in need at the beginning of each academic year, making their school experience that little bit easier.

It’s completely zero-profit, relying on monetary donations as well as volunteering by individuals and corporations.

So, if you feel willing to give up some of your spare time or even donating some supplies of your own you can sign up here. Or, you can very easily make a monetary donation via this link here.

It’s also worth having a look at the events coming up on their site, having previously featured wine tastings, vintage sales and yard sales – meaning you can have fun with family and friends and all for a good cause.

Union of Pibes 

Photo via Union de los Pibes Facebook page
Photo via Union de los Pibes Facebook page

In true Christmas spirit, this organization is all about community. Children are taught about  its importance, instilling within them the values and self confidence helping them give back to their communities.

Excitingly for the organisation, back in October 2010, it became recognised by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs in the UK as a charitable company.

Union of Pibes keenly welcomes any kind of volunteering — whether that be giving up some of your time to work with the children, helping fundraise, giving items of your own, or even just suggesting ideas.

You can find more info here on how you can help and how to contact them. You can also look out for fundraising events on their Facebook page that often have live DJ’s, various bands, deals on drinks and all other kinds of parties and festivals.

Proyecto 4 Patas

Photo via proyecto 4 patas Facebook page
Photo via proyecto 4 patas Facebook page

Project 4 Patas (P4P) is a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding, protecting and promoting animal rights; combating animal exploitation in all its forms.

P4P carries out educational talks and workshops, free or low-cost neutering campaigns in marginalized areas, saves at risk animals from danger and delivers them to responsible owners for adoption and also gives legal advice to citizens in cases of animal abuse.

You can either donate here — or, you can get up close and personal with some furry friends by volunteering. Find more info here. And if that’s not enough, you can even give an animal the best christmas present of all and adopt one of your own: try resisting these big puppy dog eyes.

Refugio Humanitario Argentino

Photo via Refugio Humanitario Argentino Facebook page
Photo via Refugio Humanitario Argentino Facebook page

The news coming from Aleppo has left many of us questioning ourselves what we can do to help. It’s becoming more and more clear that refugees escaping this humanitarian crisis need the support now more than ever. The core of the Argentine Humanitarian Refugee organisation is to celebrate diversity rather than discriminate against it.

Their main aim in this case is to offer refugees a home in Argentina and to aid them in their migration. They work to help members of resettled families to obtain a new home, job and be fully integrated into society.

This Christmas, all kinds of help are appreciated and desperately needed.

This includes: volunteering, becoming a host family and monetary donations.

Find more info here.

These organisations are only able to do the incredible work that they do with the help of volunteers, community support and private donations – so if you want to make a real difference this holidays, these organisations need YOU.