And we’ve arrived to day 2 of *Asterisco – the LGBTIQ Film Festival in Buenos Aires.


4 pm – GAUMONT

Afirmar con ello otro mundo

The Short Films Official Competition is part of the Asterisco Film Festival. It’s set to run for just over an hour and a half and is strictly an +18 activity. This a special Q&A is scheduled to take place after the show. My recommendation? Stay for the conversation. This crowd and its speakers know what they are talking about. The directors, producers and actors are there to engage so get in on the action. Fortune and good conversation favor the brave.

  • Afirmar con ello otro mundo | 4’
  • been too long at the FAIR | 6’
  • Como pez en el aire | 10’
  • Cosmic Anxiety | 21’
  • Happy & Gay | 11’
  • Kumu Hina: A Place in the Middle | 24’
  • O clube | 15’
  • El novio actual | 9’

4:30 pm – GAUMONT

Directed by Véronique Aubouy, Je suis Annemarie Schwarzenbach it’s about a *film casting in Paris. Young actresses (and actors) try to incarnate the Swiss writer and traveler Annemarie Schwarzenbach (1908-1942). In order to get the role of this emblematic and sulfurous figure of the late 30’s, child of the ‘lost generation’, antifascist and gay, these actors play scenes of her life, trying to assume poses of hers from photos, and talk about their own life through the prism of her fascinating and ambiguous personality. A portrait arises, singular and multiple, public biography and intimate memory, drawn up by the woman of the past as well as by the young generation of 2014. Slowly, a reconstituted and collective figure emerges and encounters an own fictitious life.* –IMDB

Suitable and possibly even enjoyable for all ages.


5:50 pm – KINO PALAIS

Electric Indigo

This is part of the panorama LPQH The Skin I live In section of Asterisco Film Festival, and yes once again, is a +18 screening.

  • Electric Indigo | 24’
  • Control | 7’
  • El corral | 13’
  • Off a Cliff | 5’
  • San Cristóbal | 29’
  • Almanach Lesbien | 4’

6:25 pm – GAUMONT – PG13

This is a documentary by Cannes award winning director Grant Lahood from New Zealand is featured the Intersex section and explores the seemingly simple and yet intricate question about human gender. Everyone wants to know, in time, if their baby is going to be male or female. But what if it’s neither? Last year in BAFICI [16], directors Valeria Pavan and María Aramburu presented a documentary about the first case (both directors and CHA activists don’t like the term) of a child born male but identified as a woman from very early on in her life. The person at the center of the documentary would go onto formally assert her identity as female and changed her government recognized name to Luana. Intersexion is one of the first films to raise awareness on the issue and is a true gem with in the festival’s line up.


10 pm – GAUMONT

Directed by Michael Stabile, this documentary follows story of Chuck Holmes, a *San Francisco pornographer turned philanthropist. Holmes helped shaped and create gay identity in the years after Stonewall, and later became a major contributor to gay advocacy groups like the Human Rights Campaign and the LGBT Victory Fund, only to find later in life that while his money was welcome in philanthropic circles, he sometimes wasn’t. * IMDB


7 pm – Casa Brandon


Ok, maybe the Spanish title makes more sense and could be a bit more fun, (¡Tortazo! Goces, cuerpos y humores tortilleros), but still the collective comprised of Now Gall, Punto Eme, Virginia Cano and Marta Dillon want to show themselves as they are, on their own terms without censorship and or societal control.


Auditorio Leonardo Favio de la Biblioteca del Congreso de la Nación: Alsina 1835 /BAMA Cine Arte: Av.Presidente Roque Sáenz Peña 1150/56 / Casa Brandon: Luis María Drago 236 / Cine Gaumont / Espacio INCAA Km 0: Rivadavia 1635 / ENERC: Moreno 1199 / Kino Palais: Av. Del Libertador 1248 /Malba: Av. Pres. Figueroa Alcorta 3415 / Milion: Paraná 1048 / Salón Arturo Illia del Palacio del Congreso de la Nación: Hipólito Yrigoyen 1849 / Salón Manuel Belgrano del Congreso de la Nación: Hipólito Yrigoyen 1710, Piso 4. / Only BAMA Cine Arte, Malba (all $30), and Gaumont, ($8), charge the tickets, the rest are free!

Come back everyday to catch wind of all the festival’s action.