On this week’s edition, we discuss the Pope’s comments about Argentina “Mexicanizing” on the occasion of his second anniversary as Pontiff, we cover the latest chapter in the Cadena Nacional series (Season 7, Episode 10!), the growing tensions between the prosecutor investigating Alberto Nisman’s death and the the latter’s ex-wife, over their respective investigations, plus Tennis and a question: Is Polo an elithist sport?

And here’s the Cheat Sheet, with further info on issues discussed on the show.

Teatro de revista

The “Teatro de revista” (a vodevilesque kind of show) is an iconic part of Argentine culture. They’re usually comedic or musical plays that feature lightly-clothed women and stand up comedians, and have strong sexual innuendos in both the play and its name, such as the ones mentioned in the show (“Tu cola me suena” or “your ass rings a bell”, and “four asses and a funeral”).

Pope announcement

On March 13th 2013 the Catholic Church picked a non-European Pope for the first time in more than a thousand years, after Benedict XVI/Joseph Ratzinger- resigned from his spot . The whole country was stunned after  Jean Lous-Tauran, the cardinal in charge of announcing who’d be the Church’s new leader uttered Argentine Mario Bergoglio’s name. Even journalists who were covering the event live were speechless for a few moments, trying to assimilate the news, as it wasn’t clear at first he had said “Bergoglio”.

Another helicopter crash in the Cuyo region

On October 11th 2013, a helicopter carrying San Juan province governor Jose Luis Gioja, along with two congressmen and another public employee crashed after the pilot got disoriented due to a visibility problem. A congresswoman died and the governor suffered serious injuries. After spending months in Hospital, Gioja recovered from the accident and returned to office.

Who’s the congressman who wanted to let the Colombian artist in?

On Friday, Colombian Rapper/reggaeton singer Mishelle Javier Quintero Landazuri was held in Ezeiza airport after he tried to enter the country with 30,000 fake Euro bills. The scandal got bigger when a kirchnerite soon-to-be congressman called Manuel Fresco had to give up his future bench in Congress because it became public he tried to intercede in favor of the Colombian so customs authorities would let him off the hook.

Will the Davis Cup’s racist slurs have any consequences?

The International Tennis Federation has begun an investigation regarding Brazilian Joao Souza’s statements about receiving racist slurs. If these were to be true, the Argentine Davis Cup team could face severe sanctions that can go up to a six months suspension. This wouldn’t let them play against Serbia for this Cup’s quarterfinals in July.