This week on The Bubble Podcast:

  • We discuss Marcelo Tinelli’s potential as a political candidate and we are reminded of his humble beginnings in the early 90s. Host Fernando Farías appears to defend his artistic value.
  • Updated on the Nisman: A gun found in his mother’s apartment could change everything. Or nothing, says host Adrian Bono.
  • There was some talk about the possible modification of the Supreme Court changes and taking the amount of SC justices from 5 to 9. Why? Turns out it’s because they want to avoid routine.
  • Host Bianca Fernet analyzes the paritarias (collective bargaining) season that’s just began, and how they are linked to inflation.
  • Sports correspondent Demian Bio silences Bono with a candy bar so he can talk about football and the coming triple Superclásico in May.

And more!

Board op: Juan Figuerola