On this week’s edition of The Bubble Podcast:

  • On Cristina’s 15th Cadena Nacional in four months, she announces benefits for pensioners, heavily criticizes La Nación and hints about a potential return in 2019. Podcast host Fernando Farias is accused of being on drugs at some point during this segment. Find out why.
  • Argentina issues an arrest warrant for Justin Bieber. There’s some music by him if you’re into that kind of thing. Oh, and host Bianca Fernet lies about not knowing the club where the incident took place.
  • More Nisman-related stuff. It’s the story that never ends, but at least we get the basic facts out.
  • House passes bill in favor of nationalizing trains. Fer accused of being high again and/or Bianca and host Adrian Bono get really nihilist at this point.
  • The Blue Dollar keeps falling.
  • Sports columnist Demian Bio manages to pass a sports story through Adrian anti-sport attitude using a very clever trick.


Hosts: Adrian Bono, Bianca Fernet, Fernando Farías

Producer and Sports: Demian Bio

Board Operator: Juan Figuerola