Courtesy of the US Embassy

While our social media feeds are being flooded with images of barbecues, tank tops and other expressions of summer-laden freedom, those of us with connections to the States had to get creative when celebrating the 4th of July here in Buenos Aires.

One of the best parties in town was thrown by the United States embassy. By some twist of fate or by blatant journalistic nagging I was able to secure myself an invite to the shin dig at Palacio San Martin. Here’s the rundown.

There was a male model

Courtesy of the US Embassy
Courtesy of the US Embassy

More than just a pretty face, Ivan de Pineda – Argentina’s most well-known and arguably best-spoken male model – served as the MC for the night and introduced both Argentina’s and the USA’s national anthems and got the crowd whipped up for the Ambassador’s speech.

The Ambassador talked motorcycles, climate change and education


US Ambassador Noah Mamet covered a whole slew of shared projects being worked on by the US and Argentina. Mamet announced that one thousand new scholarships for Argentines to study in the United States will go into effect next year and cited the visa waiver program for youths and seniors as proof that the relationship between the two countries is stronger than ever.

He also talked about riding motorcycles in Bariloche. Because freedom. And also who hasn’t been inspired by Gael Garcia Bernal in the Motorcycle Diaries? Exactly. Everyone.

It was Parks and Recreation themed

Real life park rangers!

Just kidding. The actual theme was National Parks. From the trout canapes to the images of US national parks popping up on the LCD screens, the theme was a subtle nod to the US and Argentina’s promise to take action on climate change, in addition to being a solid excuse to show off how nice looking the federally protected parks are.

Shared business and social causes were highlighted

Club Unión de los Pibes' Will Aquino gives the thumb up to bilateral support for kids and education
Club Unión de los Pibes

Google, North Face, and some notable NGOs with shared leadership were on the scene to talk about the work they do and the very real way US-Argentine relations can have a positive impact on both the private and public sectors.

Wedding dancing and tiny hamburgers were hadWhatsApp-Image-20160705

Guests worked off their celebratory red, white and blue donuts and mini hamburgers on the dance floor as the band played hits from North American greats like Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. Were the dance moves cool? No. Did guests from both sides of the equator have a blast? Based on the number of times “una más” was shouted out from the crowd – I would have to give a very yanqui “oh, heck yes” in response.

There really ain’t no party like a 4th of July party.