In need of a bit of mid-week inspiration? Like the something from a Hollywood film, this is the tale of a freak footballing accident which led to a young man, César Torres, losing his memory completely. His notion of who he was, who his family were, who his friends were, where he was born. All his memories. Gone.

After a 46 day bout of amnesia a miracle moment arrived and ten years on he’s still at the pitch. Argentine’s do love their football.

The morning of April 2007 marked the moment where César received a blow to the back of the head, during a friendly game between Recreativo Elenense and Fitz Simon, two amateur clubs in Córdoba. The crack to his head had caused swelling of the cerebral cortex. When he came around he had no idea who he was. He had to believe what his mother told him in the hospital; his name, his age, who his family and friends were, everything.

Thankfully, upon medical inspection he was told that with applying ice daily to his head, patience and trying to get back into the swing of things, his memory would return. Experts couldn’t say when it would return exactly, but assured César and his family that it was just a question of time.

Trying to settle back into a routine was hard, he tried to go back to what he was told was his old job the following week, but was sent home after a few hours. His boss didn’t want him back until he was fully recovered. He had to learn everything from scratch, sometimes from experience, and sometimes the hard way; such as breaking a tooth when he decided to bite down on a bone at a family asado.

In frustration his friends took him back to the spot where the accident had happened to try and jog his memory but it was no good. Before the accident César was a prolific fan of La Mona Jiménez, Banda XXI, Rodrigo. A habit he had started after the accident to shorten the days was taking siestas and turning on the radio, in a bid to try and remember familiar sounds. On June 7th after a siesta, a song by La Mona Jiménez seemed to ring true; César cranked up the volume and found himself singing along, every word. Suddenly it all came flooding back, his cerebral cortex had deflated and he was back in the room.

Ten years on, he is still playing football. Not letting the fear of the past stand in his way, he now plays for Náutico Rumipal, the main rival of his beloved ex-team, Fitz Simon.