Masticar, Buenos Aires’s premier food fair, comes back to town tomorrow. The massive feria, which features heavily discounted dishes from some of the restaurants in the city, lasts from May 11 to May 14. Tickets can be bought online beforehand, or at the door, and you’ll need to buy Masticar billetes inside to access the many food stands. To help you spend your billetes wisely, here are the innovative eats you can’t miss.

1. Oaxacan Mole Chicken Taco from iLatina

Since its opening in 2015, iLatina has swiftly become one of the best-known restaurants not only in Buenos Aires, but in all of Latin America. Save some time and money to savor one of their unique tacos, including a succulent mole chicken one. For vegetarians, there’s even a veggie arepa topped with avocado and pineapple.

2. Fresh Ceviche from La Mar


There’s nothing like the refreshing, clean flavors of fresh ceviche, and La Mar provides some of Argentina’s best. It provides a perfect counterpoint to the many heavier meat dishes and rich desserts at the fair. There are two different types of ceviche on offer, ceviche carretilla — the traditional fare served on the streets in Peru, and ceviche a la brasa — a flavorful selection of grilled seafood.

3. Paté Sampler from Chila


Chila has been listed among the Top 50 Restaurants in the world for its eye-catching molecular gastronomy and unique combinations, and usually its prestigious reputation is matched by a hefty price tag. At Masticar, you can get a taste of the restaurant at a fraction of the price. Their paté sampler is a reflection of their avant-garde outlook, with rhea (yep, the huge flightless bird), hazelnut, and black garlic on the menu.

4. Oyster Platter from Crizia


At this stand, you can choose from a variety of flavorful oyster platters. For a true Patagonian experience, try the raw oysters with Patagonian vinegar-based sauce. For the weak at heart, there are two cooked varieties, but you won’t find any buttery Oysters Rockefeller here: choose between a sparkling wine sauce, and an Asian-inspired version feature panko-encrusted oysters and wasabi.

5. Chocolate-Pistachio Flan from Peugeot Lounge


Do we even need to explain this one? After sampling everything from top-notch meat to fresh seafood, you’ll need something sweet. This pistachio-chocolate combination, with 70% dark chocolate at that, seems just the thing to finish off your meal. Wash it down in the fair’s popular beer garden.

Feria Masticar

Zapiola y Matienzo

12 PM to 11 PM

AR $100 entrance plus the cost of food and beverage.