After a mere two years as Artistic Director for Teatro Colón, Darío Lopérfido has officially announced his decision to leave the theater for an “irresistible employment offer” in Germany.

The announcement does not come as a surprise, after Lopérfido’s comments last year expressing disbelief over the number of people affected by State terrorism during the last military dictatorship. Given Lopérfido’s public post in representing Argentine culture to the rest of the world, the dismissal of thousands of disappearances of Argentines elected rage among human rights leaders, who have been pushing for his resignation ever since.

Enrique Arturo Diemecke, current Music Director of the Buenos Aires Philharmonic, will take over Lopérfido’s position. With his experience, the transition should be smooth and cause little disruption to the theater.

Given Lopérfido’s track record of “keeping” public office positions in Argentina, a move to work abroad seems to be a logical fit.