Photo via Minuto Uno

The teamsters union decided to move a planned march against the government from February 22 to the 21st, as the date landed on the sixth anniversary of the Once railway tragedy.

The head of the teamsters union, Pablo Moyano, made the announcement, arguing they are doing so out of respect for the victims’ family members.

This was not his initial position though. Ever since the march was announced last January 25, family members of the Once victims criticized the teamsters’ decision in numerous occasions, arguing that it disrespected the memory of the victims of the second largest railway tragedy in Argentine history, which left 51 people dead in 2012.

However, Moyano ratified the date, and even issued a press release assuring that the march was “firmer now more than ever.” But following a new wave of criticism spearheaded by María Lujan Rey, whose son Lucas Menghini Rey died in the crash, the unionist announced that he had decided to finally change the date.

The support – or lack thereof – to the march is illustrating the internal rifts going on within the union world. When making the announcement, Moyano was joined by Sergio Palazzo (head of the bank employees union), Hugo Yasky and Pablo Micheli (heads of the two factions of the CTA umbrella union) and Roberto Baradel (head of the Buenos Aires Province section of teachers union SUTEBA).

All of them are extremely critical of the government.

In contrast, another group of head honchos were set to meet at 3 PM today to position themselves on the other side of the dispute, as the unions they lead will not attend the march. However, they will also discuss the possibility of unifying their demands to the administration and the best way attitude to take to see them met.

The divide even made it to the CGT umbrella union’s executive council. Two of its triumvirate’s three members, Carlos Acuña and Juan Carlos Schmid will join Moyano, while Héctor Daer has expressed his reluctance, something that led the others to basically call him a traitor.