Minister of Education Soledad Acuña (Photo via: Perfíl)

Buenos Aires City’s Minister of Education Soledad Acuña offered a new deal to teachers unions last Thursday that included a 15 percent salary increase. According to reports from La Nación, the majority of teachers unions accepted the deal, according to reports by La Nación.

“We had a joint agreement in the city,” Acuña said to La Nación. “For ten years now we have been working with union representatives and always have come to an agreement. There are 17 unions out there and 15 of them acknowledged that this was the best proposal.”

Acuña said that Ademys, one of the two unions rejecting the offer “represents the left and never signs the agreements,” and that the other, UTE, “is representative of less than 20 percent of the teachers in the city.”

The offer, which Acuña described as “an improvement” over the previous ones, includes the application of the 2017 trigger clause of 3.5 percent salary increase plus a training bonus of up to AR $4,000, along with paid tuition for master’s degrees.

At a press conference yesterday, Acuña explained that the 15 percent will be paid in three installments: 8 percent in March, 4 percent in August, and 3 percent in October.

The previous proposal consisted of a salary increase of only 12 percent to be paid in two installments.

The two unions that did not agree to the new deal are planning to strike after Easter.