Hours of fun! Photo via infobae.com

Have you always wanted to become part of the free-market revolution and stand up to the taxi mafia, or are you a hardcore traditionalist trying to crush the excesses of capitalism and choice? Either way: it’s finally here! The taxi v. Uber app you’ve been dreaming of.

We suppose it was only a matter of time after the Avengers started taking part in the melee; and ever since Flappy Wings bit the dust, we’ve been looking for that mobile gaming application to take our minds off Candy Crush and that guy who smells like urine on the bus.

The general premise of the game is to avoid obstacles on increasingly busy roads, while collecting little sacks of money while traveling at a rate of knots. You control both cars which’ll lead you to tear your hair out and smash your phone. Who’ll run this city? It’s up to you!

It’ll be the hot topic of conversation as you and your lack of friends discuss the issues of the day down at your local.

It’s not available on your iPhone yet, unlike the actual Uber app, but it’s out on Android now if you feel like challenging your fine motor ability, attention span and social skills.

I just want Snake II on a beaten Nokia back.