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Here we go again… Taxi drivers are taking to the streets (again) today at 11 AM to protest Uber (again) and will be picketing at 10 key intersections throughout the City of Buenos Aires. But fear not: taxi unions have assured the public that they will not be setting up roadblocks and will make sure there are some lanes available for vehicles to circulate. Very kind of them.

Taxi drivers are upset Uber is still operating in the City of Buenos Aires even though it does not use the City’s radio service to hail cars, and thus according to local regulation, is illegal. Additionally, last week the Buenos Aires justice ordered blocks on credit cards used for Uber transportation, with various cards already being rejected.

Expect pickets at the following intersections:

  • Corrientes, by the Abasto shopping center
  • Callao and Santa Fe
  • Plaza Constitución
  • San Juan and Boedo
  • La Fuente and Avenida del Trabajo
  • Rivadavia and General Paz
  • Díaz Vélez, by Parque Centenario
  • Cabildo and Lacroze
  • Retiro
  • Jujuy and Belgrano.

The Taxi Driver’s Association of the Capital’s Facebook page provides more details about the location and purpose of the protest:

“We’ll make sure to leave some lanes open on these avenues to facilitate the passage of traffic. We want to cause the least amount of problems for locals, but the continued activity of Uber, and its arrogant disregard of the decisions and resolutions of the Greater Buenos Aires Area and the courts that prohibit its activity, obliges us to intensity our mobilization.”

Judge Claudia Alvaro, head of the 16th Court of Criminal, Violation, and Misdemeanors of the City, has ordered Uber to stop operating in the City by May 22 and has ordered that the app be shut down if it doesn’t desist. The National Communications Entity (Enacom) responded that technically it does not have the tools to shut down the app, and instead would have to create a dialogue and relationship with Internet companies to truly block access to Uber users.