Photo via @taos

Anyone who’s shouldered the responsibility of paying utilities can relate to the slow, horrifying reveal of opening an envelope to see an unexpected total, and the breathless moments of incredulity that follow. Even if the numbers add up, they don’t make sense, and it’s an outrage worthy of protest. Life is drama after all – especially if you’re a journalist.

But Wall Street Journal Argentina correspondent, Taos Turner, the most recent victim swindled by a gas company, might have a point.

Such a number could be forgiven if you lived in, I don’t know, Ushuaia, a stone’s throw from Antartica, or somewhere that regularly encounters literal walls of snow, but a bill that high seems outrageous in the more temperate Buenos Aires. Turner continued from his Twitter account:

Confronting trauma often requires a trek though mystifying denial and a review of the sequence of the events. As we reach for a more grounded explanation without the appropriate amount of facts and details, we should accept questions we weren’t prepared to ask before. Cue the Twitter users.

Gathering ourselves, we begin to accept the reality of the situation.

Nonetheless, Turner is a professional, and isn’t expected to allow a story go without a fight.

Stay tuned as we uncover the truth along with Mr. Turner. Perhaps this is the first domino to fall in our collective fight against the rise of gas bills at the start of the hot season.