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In the middle of the historic Montserrat neighborhood, merged with an emblematic skyline starred by the eclectic Palacio Barolo and neoclassical domes, stands Tango de Mayo’s Dome Rooftop Bar. Six floors up, the new cocktail garden immediately takes you into the orbit of the humming downtown streets.

Far from the jam-packed bar scene in the city, Dome Rooftop Bar is the ultimate place to relax and put one’s feet up. Candle lanterns, lounge chairs, and wood sofas encased in 4-meter-high pergola curtains contribute to an intimate atmosphere that is rare to find in the capital these days.

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The menú, abundant in tapa-style appetizers such as the classic Argentine picada and vegetarian alternatives like dried fruit and veggies, is the perfect complement to a cocktail carte du jour that appears conservative but yet multifarious.

The time-honored Fernet and Coke — with a perfect combination of 30 percent of the aromatic spirit and 70 percent of cola — alongside local and international beers and wines, are part of the offerings. But Summer is coming — from the terrace you can already feel the breeze coming from Río de la Plata— and everyone is up for mosaic and fruity drinks. The bartenders are already shaking up their best mojitos, caipiroskas, daiquiris, and rum cocktails.

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There’s always one friend at the bar who complains about the music — or reveals after four shots of tequila their secret desire for dancing to a cachengue piece — so Dome’s diversified playlist sets up the ambiance with a mix of pop anthems, rock classics, and Latin beats. There’s Michael Jackson and there’s also Becky G.

Tango de Mayo’s Dome Rooftop Bar opens on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 18 hours until midnight, making it a great choice for those who like to enjoy themselves with a bottle of wine before watching a play a Teatro Colón.

Because Thursday is the new Friday, there’s a happy hour from 19 hours to 21 hours every Thursday. If you prefer something earlier in the week, there’s Martes de Parrilleta with burgers and beers every Tuesday afternoon.

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Tuesday-Thursday-Friday| 19:00 – 1:00 |Avenida de Mayo 1396 | More Info