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An Argentine hydrographic ship approached the maritime zone currently under the control of the British authorities— about 40 kilometers from the Malvinas Islands— on September 2 and was quickly intercepted by an British warship, local media learned today.

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We cover the first appearance of president Macri at the UN. And other stories.

With Adrián Bono, Fernando Farías and Demian Bio.…

If you’ve ever wondered what life on the Malvinas Islands is like, now might be your chance to experience it first hand. A proposal for an academic exchange program has been put forward in order to rebuild a “channel of

In order to celebrate the recent appointment of “serial loser” Daniel Filmus as Secretary of Matters Relating to the Malvinas, The Telegraph decided to conduct an online poll and ask whether the Malvinas/Falkland Islands, at the center of a sovereignty …