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Swiss President Doris Leuthard, the first Swiss president in history to visit Argentina, will land today and stay until Thursday. Leuthard will bring over 25 business representatives from Switzerland with her and will meet with Mauricio Macri tomorrow, as well as the Departments of Treasury, Energy, Transportation and the Environment throughout the week. While already significant as a historical visit, the visit could spell investment in Argentine industry.

According to La Nacion, Switzerland is the sixth largest foreign investor in Argentina, although Mexico and Brazil take in more investments from Switzerland than Argentina. Fear not — according to Swiss data, Argentina’s stock worth is a whopping US $4.345 billion.

Swiss Ambassador Hanspeter Mock to Argentina projects good news from Switzerland’s booming industries: “The pharmaceutical, cement, and nutrition industry today are benefiting from a favorable regulation market, which is good news, because not only can it favor the exchange, but it can also lead to investments, jobs and growth in the country.”

Marcelo Elizondo, director of consultant agency Development of International Business (DNI) in Argentina and former president of the Exports Foundation, reports that over 80 Swiss businesses already have investments in Argentina, which employs over 23 thousand Argentines in a variety of sectors, including agriculture and machinery, among other sectors.

Elizondo further explains, from exports alone to Switzerland, Argentina earned US $1.141 billion dollars in 2016. In just four years, Switzerland has moved from Argentina’s 25th world market to its ninth in 2016.

Business aside, according to Telam, President Leuthard also plans to make the environment a top discussion point during her visit. A tweet from the Swiss Embassy reads: “The Swiss President, Doris Leuthard, will visit Argentina on Monday, 17 of April! The environment is part of her administration.”

Similar tweets from the embassy were released, regarding energy and transportation.