Photo Courtesy of Walter Goobar

Susana Malcorra resigned from her post as foreign minister today on account of “personal reasons” she said had to do with her family, who currently live in Spain. Joined by President Mauricio Macri and Cabinet Chief Marcos Peña, Malcorra highlighted that her year and a half long tenure was “the biggest honor” of her professional life and was firm in saying that she will continue working in the Macri administration as an adviser.

“I want to thank the President. I have to keep my balance here. It’s a complex moment, because I’m making a decision that took into account the pride of representing Argentina and my responsibilities to my family. I’ve been separated of my family, which is living in Madrid, for many years, and the distance adds up over those years,” said a visibly moved Malcorra during the press conference held at the Casa Rosada.

The exiting foreign minister will be replaced by Jorge Faurie, the current ambassador to France. He is set to take office on June 12th.