The Subway C line's main station, Retiro, will be closed over January. Photo via TN

***Update: As of 10:40 AM, the Subte C line is functioning normally again.

Due to a surprise protest, the Subte C Line is not operating this morning affecting approximately 170,000 commuters (this is also a surprise because it’s not the B Line, for once). The people protesting are from a private security company that provides its services to all the Subte lines: two were allegedly fired and seek to be recognized within the framework of unionized security guards.

“We’re waiting for someone to come and negotiate. We’re forbidden from being affiliated with the union and two colleagues have been fired,” said Carlos Toledo, a union member representing the protesters.

Metrovías claims the strike is unjustified because protesters should be taking issue with the private security company, not on the commuters, the company claims.

So heads up, the Subte is down and the buses in the area are a bit over saturated: just remember that the weekend is hours away.

“The C Line is not beginning its service due to protesters on the tracks impeding the trains’ circulation.”