A woman carrying shopping bags almost certainly not in Argentina since those are Topshop bags and there is no Topshop here.

The land of plataformas and chaquetas denim managed to rank among the least materialistic countries in the world this year, according to the multinational market research company GfK. Argentina placed third on GfK’s “Attitude toward Materialism” list, which surveyed 22,000 people in 17 countries.

GfK based its results in responses to two statements: “Experiences are most important than possessions” and “I prefer to have more time than money.” Those surveyed had to respond on a scale of 1 (“strongly disagree”) to 7 (“strongly agree.”) All respondents were above age 15.

With respect to preferring experiences over possessions, 44 percent of respondents on average across countries said they firmly believe experiences are more important than possessions. Argentines placed second (53 percent agreed or strongly agreed). Mexicans were the “least materialistic” in these terms, with 57 percent agreeing. Japanese people were the “most materialistic,” with just 27 percent agreeing.

With respect to preferring time over money, Argentines placed third (32 percent agreed). In that category, China ranked first (41 percent), followed by Brazil (37 percent). Japan once again came in last (11 percent).

GfK selected the 17 countries it considered “most representative of the planet”: Germany, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Spain, United States, France, the Netherlands, England, Italy, Japan, Mexico and Russia.

Analysis is limited, however, since the rankings did not include any country on the African continent. Before we pat ourselves on the back, a more comprehensive study is in order.